Internet of Things in Sports

By 2020 the Internet of Things is on target to be a trillion dollar industry with approximately 26 billion objects set to be linked together on the Internet. This trend will literally affect everyone's daily life and most industries and businesses.

Including the Sports and Entertainment industries. In sports we're already seeing some amazing technology in stadiums, fantasy sports, virtual reality, wearables, smart player gear and more. And as social, mobile, analytics and the cloud continue to become one, the possibilities are endless.

Twitter Amplify allows promoted tweets to be sent by the NFL to over 284 million users. And the NFL, slow to pick up social media in the beginning, is becoming a best practice in fan engagement and targeting.

IBM forecasts the possibility of arriving at the stadium with your mobile app guiding you to the closets parking; having access to instant replays, close=up videos and more; the ability to order food and beverages to be delivered to you seat...and much more.

Athletes are wearing more sensors than ever to monitor everything from head impact data to ice-hockey players and coaches analyzing boot and stick sensor data to up their game.

And most of this could eventually be connected via IoT for sports. Perhaps we'll see the day when athlete performance data, equipment data, field data and more is read in real-time by sideline coaches who call plays. Meanwhile, fans can exchange SnapChat info with players and each other, upload game data into their fantasy sports dashboards and experience multi-screen connected experiences.

Stay tuned...the game hasn't even started yet.