Internet Reacts To Mom's Plea For Birthday Cards For Son With Autism

Help make Ollie's day special.

A UK mother’s heartfelt request on social media to make her son’s birthday special is going viral around the world. Karen Jones, 49, of Exmouth, UK, was “moved to tears” when her 14-year-old son, Ollie, who has autism, showed her some birthday cards he’d made for himself, the Exeter Express and Echo reports. 

Jones took to a local Facebook page to share a photo of Ollie’s self-made cards with this message:

“My autistic son is 15 shortly ... hes just told me he loves opening cards to extent he’s made himself a couple. We are small family and he has no friends so gets very few.... if you have an old one at back of cupboard maybe you could send it to him??”

Ollie’s birthday isn’t until Saturday but the cards have already started pouring in. Thanks to the post, which has gotten over 8,000 likes and over 23,000 shares to date, it took two postmen to deliver over a dozen boxes filled with cards addressed to the lucky boy. Hundreds have replied with photos of the cards that are en route and with well wishes for Ollie, as well as heartfelt messages from other parents of children with autism. 

 With a few days left to go, we’re sure this will be a birthday to remember.

Recently, we also wrote about a 9-year-old boy who was flooded with well-wishers from across the internet after his grandma revealed in a Facebook post that he’d been stood up by classmates at his own birthday party. 

The internet can be a pretty amazing place. 

Happy birthday, Ollie! 



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