Internet Usage Statistics: How We Spend Our Time Online (INFOGRAPHIC)

Visual Economics has added some color and snazz to surprising Internet usage statistics from Nielsen and the Pew Research Center.

A few highlights from the data presented in the infographic:

  • 55% of Americans use the Internet every day. Of those, 45% send or read email and 40% use search engines, but only 15% use social networks and only 5% play online games.
  • Americans spends60 hours a month online. If you were to put those hours back-to-back, you'd be surfing the web for a whole month.
  • While about 70% of American Internet users participate in social networking, nearly 90% of Brazil's Internet population is a part of this trend. Around the world, Internet users now spend 22% of their time online engaging in social networking.
  • Social media aside, the world spends 36% of its web time using email, engaging in commerce, performing searches. 42% of time is spent viewing content.
  • In a singe month, a web user visits 2,646 sites and logs on 57 times.