Tips For Internships: 13 Bits Of Advice To Make Your Summer Awesome

13 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Internship

Many college students will spend their summers interning for little or no money in hopes that their work gets them one step closer to a real job after graduation.

Whether you landed your dream internship or are working at a company that wasn't your first choice, it's an audition for your future. It's three months where you can put everything you learned on campus to work in the real world.

A recent survey of 225 employers found that 91 percent of the group thought college graduates should've had one or more internships in the past before being hired. However, most of the employers also said in the survey that they usually don't hire interns, and only half admitted to hiring any full-time in the past few years.

So with stiff competition, how do you make the most of your internship? We've come up with a few pointers about how to shine in the office and make some positive, lasting impressions:

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