Interone's 'Face Bra' Gains Support

A Face Bra?

Ad agencies usually create advertising for their clients. Interone of Germany went one step further: It created advertising and a new product idea.

To generate buzz for lingerie maker Beate Uhse at a recent convention, Interone devised the Face Bra. It's a sexy, lacy number in the shape of a bra -- but it's a sleep mask.

Beate Uhse was so impressed that it may produce the Face Bra as a complement to its line of sex toys and naughty wear.

"When we saw the idea we knew this would be something nice to do," Beate Uhse spokeswoman Doreen Schink told The Huffington Post on Monday. "If you see the product, this can be a huge success."

Schink said the company is still in the "decision-making process." We say go for it. The last popular stab at a "face bra" was actually a bra to support the face. And it appeared in fiction. The secretary played by Jane Krakowski on "Ally McBeal" invented one to stop women's faces from jiggling when they jogged. It made her look like a cross between a mummy and Hannibal Lecter.

Interone's Face Bra was originally distributed to travelers on planes, trains and buses to this year's Salon De La Lingerie in Paris, and from there it gained momentum. The tagline on the packaging reads, "Sweet Dreams."

Now 40 winks can come with a wink.

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