Interracial Couples Get Real About Meeting Each Other's Families

"They'll have extensive conversations about cheese. I learn a new cheese every time I go to Connecticut."

Falling in love is easy. Meeting each other’s families ― especially when you come from different backgrounds ― can be a little more of a challenge.

In the sweet VH1 video above, interracial couples talk about slightly awkward family introductions and learning new traditions from one another.

When Darren, a German-Polish American man, and Carole, an African American woman, introduced their families to each other, they were prepared for some awkwardness.

“My mother was sitting on the sofa with [Carole’s] mother, talking about music and my mom wanted to play some German music,” Darren recalls. “Carole’s mom is looking at me, rolling her eyes. She’s like, ‘What is this? Will you please make this stop?’ But I knew then that we were OK and it would be fine.”

Watch the full video to hear each couple’s sweet story.

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