'You're Cute For A Black Guy' Examines Dating In The Gay Community

Seriously, Never Say Any Of These Things To Black Men Again

What is it like for men of color to navigate the world of gay dating?

"You're Cute For A Black Guy" is a short documentary from filmmaker Cameron Johnson that asks gay men of color to open up about their experiences in the dating world. Their responses are both jarring and eye-opening and reveal the realities of men attempting to find love and romance in a world where often the majority of bodies that receive visibility -- whether it be through gay porn, in gay spaces or elsewhere -- tend to be white.

"I made this piece because I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t crazy," Johnson told The Huffington Post. "I couldn’t be the only gay black man who white dates have said insane things to, so I ventured to find others who shared my experiences. What I discovered is that my story isn’t uncommon, it’s just untold... I hope that my work will help to broaden the discussions of what it looks like to be a gay man in 2015, and give people insight into worlds they haven’t understood. Also, seriously never say any of these things to black men again."

Check out "You're Cute For A Black Guy" above for more. For more from Johnson, visit his Twitter and Instagram.

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