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'Intervention': Bulimic Teen Secretly Submitted Himself For An Intervention (VIDEO)


It was a turbulent episode of "Intervention" that featured an unexpected first for the producers of the show. The subject of the episode was 18-year-old Andrew, who was suffering from bulimia and weighed only 80 pounds. He was eating 12,000 calories a day, while binging and purging up to a dozen times each day. He'd been hospitalized multiple times already with dangerously high potassium levels and said he knew he was going to die.

When the family didn't know they were being recorded, though, producers overheard Andrew discussing his upcoming intervention. "I’ll follow through with the intervention and when they ask me, ‘Will you go to treatment?’ I’ll say, ‘No,'" he said. They couldn't believe that he knew about the upcoming intervention. In fact, Andrew had submitted himself for the show.

Nevertheless, realizing how badly he needed help, they went through with the intervention, despite the fact that the most successful interventions occur when the addict is surprised.

Andrew wasn't surprised, and put up quite a verbal and emotional fight. But eventually he did change his mind and agree to go into treatment. He has been healthy since September 2012 and looks much better today. Producers said it was the first time someone had submitted himself to the show and had a successful rehab.

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