'Intervention': Will An Addict Enter Rehab For The Sake Of Her Daughter? (VIDEO)

Zeinah was once a promising student, but after she turned to drugs during her parents' divorce she lost her way in life. Her decline was worsened when her husband overdosed and she then lost custody of her daughter.

Eventually her distraught parents decided to stage an "Intervention" (Mon., 10PM on A&E), but things didn't go as they had hoped.

After getting Zeinah back in the room after she'd already walked out once, her dad put his cards on the table. He wanted her to agree to enter a rehab program close to where her daughter was living.

"You are very lucky to have an opportunity to change things," he told her. "To get well. Get your daughter and be close to her even in the process. It's 25 miles from your daughter, that's where I'm sending you."

Saying he just wanted his daughter back, her tearful dad pleaded, "Just agree to go. Please!"

However, accusing her family of using her daughter to get at her, and muttering "you guys are sick," Zeinah picked up her bag and walked out. Again.

However, Zeinah's "Intervention" ended on a positive note. Saying that if she didn't go to rehab her daughter would think it was her fault, Zeinah agreed to go. As a result, she said, she has now been sober since June 29, 2011.

"Intervention" airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on A&E.

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