Interview: Dane Terry Casts a Spell

Interview: Dane Terry Casts a Spell
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I first heard of Dane Terry from a mutual friend who photographed the two of us. Dane caught my eye as a fellow long-haired piano player from Brooklyn and I was slightly disconcerted at his skirting upon my territory.

But then I listened to some of his music and realized he's not just another artist to compare myself to but a uniquely talented one with a vision of his own which like mine, doesn't fit easily into any specific scene or genre.

He was playing a downtown theater which surprised me as I usually play bars - I pled poverty as my excuse for not going as it was the end of the month and a ticket purchase was required.

What a mistake.

Dane Terry's musical theater piece, 'Bird in the House' is a genre defying, musical spell he casts on the audience, taking us effortlessly through a week of his imaginative childhood in Ohio.

As someone with a strictly musical background I'd never seen anything like this and after watching a few clips I knew I'd come across an artist I not only wanted to befriend, but to learn from and even collaborate with.

That's when I ran into Dane Terry in a coffee shop and convinced him to be my first interview subject for this blog. He was so open, eloquent and inspiring I hoped we could film the interview and he obliged, despite my lack of professional equipment or experience.

Meeting me at my practice space in Gowanus, Brooklyn - Dane sat down to discuss his upcoming performance of 'Bird in the House' at The Public Theater as part of the Incoming! series in the Under the Radar festival.

I even got him to perform a song at the end.

I have a show of my own on the opening night of January 15th but will be there on the 16th ready to be mesmerized by this story telling, spell casting artist - read some more info and grab your ticket HERE.

Dane Terry performs 'Bird in the House' on January 15th &16th @ The Public: Shiva Theater as part of the Incoming! series in the Under the Radar Festival - here is a video of the shows original run:

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