Interview: Mauro

Interview: Mauro
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International, Bolivian, singer, songwriter, musician, and producer, Mauro is in the midst of transforming! Currently Mauro is a unique world wide artist with Chameleon tendencies, with an energetic high spirit, and the ability to completely captivate his audiences. This artist really has talent! Aside from his talent he has an awesome work ethic which reflects in the music he released.

I found him full of adventure and excitement. Changing up his performances all the time, his audience never knows what to expect, but whatever it is that he brings to the stage is magical. He has a complete honesty and enthusiasm with bursts of colorful innocence creating his whole persona. His music is danceable, radio friendly, filled with relevant messages, and overpoweringly entertaining to listen to.

Mauro, do you write your own songs?

Yeah, I feel them. I really like them so much that I want to release them for other people to listen to them.

When did you start singing?

I actually started by being involved in other artistic fields. My childhood was basically drawing things. I've always been involved in artistic venues. I did theatre and I think simultaneously throughout my childhood I was just involved with music and singing. At the age of ten I actually started performing and I wrote my first album.

That's impressive! What inspires or influences your song writing ?

Throughout the years it's become really organic. Right now it's natural. Even though I don't write exactly what's going on, my music tends to be a combination of different messages. It's become really organic. It's a combination of fantasy verses reality and everything in between.

You seem to perform live often, what do you love about performing live?

I take care of everything that I can, when I say that I mean I'm always backstage and on stage. I'm always involved from the mare thought to the final product. When it comes to the lighting, the staging, the dancers, I'm involved in everything. That's part of performing. To be connected with the audience of course, and I think that with every performance that I have I try to spike things a little up. Maybe with the costumes, maybe I was wearing a tuxedo, things like that.

You have a lot of different looks.

Thank you. There was this performance where I bought this really cool pink shirt, and some black shoes. I had a little hat....I think that I try to change it a little bit with every performance.

Keeps people noticing you, for sure. Are you also a musician?

Yeah, I play instruments. I play the guitar, piano, a little drums....and I also produce my music.

It seems like you are always touring, what are your next touring plans?

I just love it. I love touring, I love performing. It took 15 years for me. I really hope that I'm still alive in the next ten years to keep on doing this. I have a deep passion that I'm trying to keep every year.

Where are you from originally?

I was born in Bolivia.

If you could have any musical fantasy on stage, what would it be?

Wow! I love your questions, they make you think. I would love to have maybe animals, prefabricated animals or something like that, and a lot of fire. I would also like to perform beside an artist that I really like.

Who is your musical idol?

My idol is Britney Spears. I love her so much. I would love to write a song for her. I think it's unobtainable though because she's such a star. Anything I could do for or with her would be amazing.

What was it like coming from Bolivia and hoping to make your music work here?

Honestly I've been writing songs since I was ten years old. I never really thought about it. I really never thought about separating frontiers or barriers or whatever. I'm always about music and I think that is the whole thing that's kept me together, that has kept me passionate, is looking for a new opportunity.

It's a tough industry,

It's incredible, right?

If you tell your fans something about yourself, what would you want to tell them?

I would love them to know that I write everything all day. I think about the people who are listening to my music. I would like to thank those supporting me, friends, fans, those that are listening to me right now. I mean you're going to get somewhere, but without supporters it won't be far. It's basically about the fans. I just finished writing a lot of songs. I wrote 150 new songs in the last three months.

That's a lot of songs.

It would be like 12 new albums but I don't think I'm going to record them, because it's a lot.

Why don't you just take the best ones that you've created and record those?

You're so right. So what I'm doing basically is some serious selecting. I'm in the middle of a new artistic reinvention actually. I'm transforming!

Tell me about it.

I'm like a butterfly right now. I'm about to come out and go into the woods. This reinvention includes music of course, and everything it's related to. So I'm in the middle of it and I'm really excited for what people are going to see after this.

If you could give the younger Mauro advice after knowing what you know now, what would you tell him?

So many things. I would say to keep working. I would also say, stay strong. My latest record actually talks about that, about being resilient. I would tell my younger self to be as strong as ever and to believe in himself. I think that when you believe in yourself, that's great, but when you have people believe in you, that is amazing. So I would tell him to be courageous and brave and keep working.

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