Interview: Millionairess Andrea From Tonight's <i>Millionaire Matchmaker</i>!

Andrea had a very different experience with P. Stangorama -- aka she and Patti almost murdered each other in a feud that rivals Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff fighting over Aaron Carter....
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We all know Patti Stanger ain't no delicate flower. Sometimes she has the subtlety of Chris Farley. As a motivational speaker. Anyway, this week FFJD scored an interview with Andrea Correale, one of the millionairesses from tonight's show. Andrea had a very different experience with P. Stangorama (aka she and Patti almost murdered each other in a feud that rivals Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff fighting over Aaron Carter...throwback.)

So here is what Andrea had to say about round 1 in the ring with the Hulk of New Jersey.

FFJD: Tell me about yourself and your business![Instead of telling me about herself Andrea sent me her bio. So, basically she runs a catering business. Like Edible Arrangements? Can I haz a basket that is only strawberries dipped in chocolate therefore negating the healthy nature of strawberries? Thanks. But you can totally toss a pineapple chunk in there too.]

FFJD: What was your first impression of Patti? Do you think she is different off camera?

Patti was interesting. She is very tough and has a way of stretching the truth to create drama. Lets just say she wasn't warm and fuzzy on or off camera.

FFJD: Are you still dating the man you chose for your master date?

No we just had one date. The guys she chose for me lived in Philadelphia. Quite a commute... I was disappointed they didn't find one guy that lived in the New York area. He was a nice guy but it would be two difficult because of the distance.

FFJD: Do you think the show represented you accurately?

Based on the preview absolutely not. They spliced and diced everything I said and painted an inaccurate picture.

There is a scene where she burns a list that I wrote. I explained earlier that I have always been into visualization and reading self-improvement books. When I was 16 years old I read a book that spoke about putting your wish lists on paper.

[FFJD's wish-list reads: James Franco without pants on, 1000 Louboutins, that new Celine bag that Rachel Zoe got from Rog for her birthday because she doesn't have enough clothing or handbags, and a book deal. Pretty please! Oh maybe also a cotton candy maker and a giant blow up picture of Boo, that ridiculous dog.]It wasn't a "criteria" list which is how they portrayed it, thus labeling me as a control freak. [Patti] also never told me "in real life" that I wasn't allowed to plan the date, but they edited it. It appears as if she did and of course I planned the date.

FFJD: What was it like going on a date on camera?

Having a date in front of a room full of people and cameras is a little strange but once we started chatting it was fine. The guy happened to be super nice and genuine.

FFJD: What is Destin's hair like in person?

His hair is super funky, just like it looks on camera.

[Potential missed opportunity here for humor Andrea!]

Basically, brace yourself for yet another week of Patti screaming at people. Have some Salvia and a Diet Coke ready for this smackdown. And tune in to the FFJD Millionaire Matchmaker live bloggy woggy at 9 pm on Bravo TV! Yes, that network where Camille Grammer looks like an evil goldfish. Who just wants to break out of her husband's freaky sex shadow.

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