Infant Knocks Down False Stereotype About Babies In Interview With Her Dad

"Who can possibly understand a baby better than a BABY?" asks dad La Guardia Cross in his latest installment of "New Father Chronicles," a hilarious weekly YouTube series where he tackles anything and everything parenthood.

When baby Amalah was just 6 weeks old, Cross went directly to the source to find out why she was always crying. "After failing at interpreting my little girl's cries and figuring out the best way to keep her asleep at night, I decided to ask her for help directly. Did I let the fact that she was only 6 weeks old, didn't respond to her own name, and had no concept of the English language stop me? Of course not," he told The Huffington Post.

In the episode, when Cross accuses Amalah of being so emotional all the time, the baby responds "WAH," which Cross interprets as "FALSE STEREOTYPE."

Cross apologizes, but doesn't think his experiment was totally a lost cause. "I'm a new father and I believe we have a special bond that allows us to communicate at a deeper level. The interview didn't go as planned, but I learned a lot," he said.

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