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Interview with Sonia Choquette, Spiritual Teacher on Intuition

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Sonia Choquette is a world-renown author who teaches people how to live from their sixth sense, what she considers, our most important sense - our Intuition. She is a delightful teacher who often brings singing and dancing to her events. Sonia is the author of 19 best-selling books, including "The Answer is Simple" and her latest book, "Traveling at the Speed of Love." In the following interview, Sonia shares about her personal journey, major changes that are happening in the world, and ways to re-center and find balance.


Hi Sonia, can you share a little bit about your work and what it involves?

I teach people that we have six senses. Your sixth sense is more than just a compass to protect you, it's your vital force ... your true spirit, it's your unique genius. People know this intuitively, but we have been conditioned to deny, ignore or reject it. Your intuition is your inner voice, the voice of your authentic true nature. So bit-by-bit, I help people re-weave themselves back to their full power. I restore people back to wholeness.

You recently took a pilgrimage to Camino de Santiago. What inspired you to take that pilgrimage?

I went through a series of profound losses. My father died, my brother died, and my marriage died, all within a short period of time. It definitely left me overwhelmed with grief and loss. I prayed for a way to embody all that loss and be able to work with it, rather than let it overwhelm me, and that was the guidance that I was given. It was profoundly healing. By the time I reached Santiago, all of the pain in my body, so much emotional pain of just being human, lifted. I was able to release it all with love, and acceptance and compassion and it was quite a profound gift to me, to walk the Camino and receive all of that. When I left for the Camino, I was in a pretty broken state.

You work with many people. What have you been noticing lately in terms of themes or patterns that people have been coming to you with?

What I've noticed, and myself included, is that there is a great shift going on in the planet right now. That shift is shifting us back into a more authentic expression of who we are. Whatever we are attached to, or holding onto, whether it's relationships, beliefs, ideas, loyalties, circumstances, that do not support our true nature, these structures are collapsing. Our own self-images are collapsing, especially when they are not in alignment with our true nature. In our social structures, massive shifts are going on in relationships that are no longer in service to the growth of each individual.

It seems everyone is going through massive change now. What would you say to the practitioners & healers, who also seem to be going through an intense time?

Well, why wouldn't we? Just because we have learned certain things, doesn't mean that our growth cycles have stopped. That's why I wrote all about my Camino experience and my own disturbances, to say, "Look, everybody is going through this. There's no exception. There's no shame, and there's no judgment. We are all being asked to grow." So, as healers, share your growth cycles, don't hide them or pretend that somehow you've gotten through it already, because that's not honest. I think it's important to be transparent. Our human existence is light and shadow. We have to keep moving towards the light and while addressing our shadows.

Do you think it's good for people who work in the healing arts to step back from their work if they are experiencing a lot of intensity?

Well, I certainly know that's what I do and I certainly know that it's helped me be a clear channel for others. I need to pause and I need to regroup and I need to tune inward. Especially healers, who are by nature givers, and caretakers, so just by the sake of overgiving , overdoing, overcaring - we lose touch with our own needs. It's a balancing proposition, so I always make it a practice in my own personal life to take a hiatus. If you don't take time off, you might tend to use your work to fill you up instead of filling yourself up with joy and laughter, camaraderie with peers, and contemplative time in nature. You don't want to depend on filling yourself up with the idea that "I am needed by others." That's a risk.

Is there anything you'd like to add that's present for you right now?

It's important to remember that your experiences are not who you are. If you can keep your objectivity and remember, "I am having these experiences. I am creating these experiences. I am dealing with these experiences, but I am not these experiences. I am a beautiful divine being who is in school, here on planet earth learning to be a divine human being." It's okay to get in the muck of my human experiences and not doubt my divine goodness .. my inherent light, my inherent beauty, my inherent wondrous nature. That is an important thing that I keep reminding people. You cannot improve upon your spirit, you can only improve upon allowing your spirit to prevail.