Interview with Wimpy Kid Author, Jeff Kinney

Interview with Wimpy Kid Author, Jeff Kinney
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It was a real special treat for me to interview bestselling author sensation, Jeff Kinney of the Wimpy Kid book series. The books have not only conquered bookshelves everywhere but have now been turned into a hit film.

Kinney shared with us how he created the series, what he plans to do next after Wimpy Kid and his advice to other authors.

How did this whole journey begin? What inspired you?
I was a cartoonist in college, and I thought I had a shot at breaking into newspapers afterwards. I got rejection letters for a few years, and that was enough to make me reconsider my approach. At the time, I was keeping a journal, and it was filled with cartoon drawings. I decided to try writing a fictional story in that format, and that's when the idea for Diary of a Wimpy Kid was born.

Were you a Wimpy Kid yourself?

I was an average kid, but I definitely had my wimpy moments. I used to spend my swim team practices down by the creek, collecting tadpoles, until I got caught by my mom.

Did you ever in your wildest dreams expect for your book to take off like it has?

I didn't think I even had a chance of getting published. I thought the book was too strange with its handwritten font and cartoon drawings. Everything past the point of publication has been surreal for me. I feel like I'm on the Truman Show.

When did you first know without a doubt you had something special on your hands?

What's it like to see your book turned into a film?

Getting the book turned into a movie has been an education for me. The language of films is so different from the language of books. I've done my best to contribute and to make sure the movie shared the books' DNA.

Were you hands-on during the movie-making process?

I was involved in the movie-making process all the way through, from the initial script meetings through casting for the principals to shooting to post-production. I think I was about as involved as an author can hope to be.

To find out what Kinney really thought of the movie, what he has planned to write after the series and what his advice is for other authors, please CLICK HERE.

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