Interview: Aaron Paul


Openly out recording artist and social media obsessed, Aaron Paul is no stranger to a stage. His vivacious style captures the audience, no questions asked. As most of us do, Aaron comes with a story and a British history with an accent to match. Having been owned by Simon Cowell, and thrust into a popular British Boy Band, Aaron eventually recovered, moved to the States, and continued a career in music, his way.

Where you "Out" for your entire career?

OH NO... I played that whole straight game... pretending to be straight! I was in a boyband: WORLDS APART. So our target audience was young girls. So Arista Records and Simon Cowell who signed me would not have wanted to break these young girls' tender hearts. Especially with the money they invested in the project. Also, at that time, I was just finding my true self. So I was not even comfortable who I was at that time! Now its a complete different story.

Do you think being gay has helped your career, hurt it, or made no difference whatsoever?

I think this time around.. IT'S HELPED! My number one record I DON'T CARE! became anthem for the LGBTQ community in 2015, even though it's a song that everyone can relate too. Also times have changed. GAY is everywhere now. And at this point in my life. I DON'T CARE! I know who I am... and that ain't ever gonna change! And I think it has helped me too really stand out compared to just another artist on the block!

You are currently involved in recording a new album. Tell us about it.

OMG. MY BABY. YES, YES, YES! I'm buried deep in this new album project due this spring 2016. It's been a breeze this whole recording process... I'm writing some great songs... and I think people will really see the growth and understand me more as a artist. I have a bloody amazing set of producers I'm working with, i.e., STORMBY, PETER TANICO (E.39), PETER MONK and Reggae legend mixer/producer "VIRGO" (Paul Bent). And each day new producer joins the team. I'm very BLESSED. and I feel excited about this project!

What do you like best about performing live?

CONTACT. It's where you really have first contact with your audience -- who have been buying and listening to your music. You get see the faces of everyone enjoying the moment, and you have complete power and freedom to control the energy. You literally have the crowd in the palm of your hand. It's very POWERFUL! YES... better than sex.

Why did you leave the UK after being part of a famous boy band?

I wanted AMERICA ... I really wanted to be successful here in the U.S. The rest of the world really looks to America as the center of popular music. So I jumped ship and came here to N.Y.C. to start my music journey. I literally had to start all over again though. Nobody knew of me and the boyband I was in here. I thought I was gonna have this FABULOUS career right of the bat; geez, was I wrong. It's been a long long journey to get to this point now. But I've learned that nothing happens before its time.

What's next for Aaron?

Well, DEF the new album in the spring! And tons more of music to come from me! I also wanna write a book. Not really a straight-up autobiography, but more of a light, fun, inspirational guide for someone wanting to break into music business, and a person learning to accept and live with their sexuality. I have a lot of interesting fun stories and experiences to share... So I will have a shot at writing a book, YAY!

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Photo Credit to Semyon Lorberg