Interviewer Goes Topless To Make Matthew McConaughey Feel More At Ease (VIDEO)

Matt Zaller, the man behind Paul Rudd and Jason Segel's best interview, sat down with the stars of "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" recently and rightfully avoided discussing what looks to be the worst movie ever. Instead, Zaller opened by saying the press loves to focus on McConaughey's constant toplessness (I myself have referred to him as McManBoobs, Peczilla, JesusMcBoobs and Chest Rockwell) and that he'd like to show solidarity with the star by removing his own shirt. (The process of him then trying to hook a microphone to his chest hair takes up most of the video.)

McConaughey was admittedly adorable about it saying that he doesn't wear shirt in this movie and that he's not wearing a shirt right now (CGI). Eventually Jennifer Garner got in the mix asking Zaller to remove his pants. Shockingly, he didn't do it.


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