Interview With My Dad, War Reporter Martin Fletcher About His Latest Novel, 'The War Reporter'

It was a genuine honor to be asked to narrate the audiobook for my dad's latest novel, The War Reporter. OK, the truth is I asked to narrate it. Maybe 'ask,' is a little kind. I begged, yelled and demanded to be allowed to narrate my dad's latest book, but the most important thing is, I got the part.

The bonus features of the book, available here in form of a Kindle, Audiobook, or paperback, include an extended interview as well as me putting on various accents throughout. Arrives before Christmas!

Winner of a Jewish National Book Award and author of The List and Jacob's Oath, both of which achieved outstanding critical acclaim, NBC Special Correspondent Martin Fletcher delivers another breathtaking tale of love, war, and redemption.

Tom Layne was a world-class television correspondent until his life collapsed in Sarajevo. Beaten and humiliated, he fell into a hole diagnosed as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Eleven years later he returns to the Balkans to film a documentary on the man who caused his downfall: Ratko Mladic, Europe's biggest killer since Hitler, wanted for genocide and crimes against humanity. Mysterious forces have protected Mladic for a decade, preventing his arrest, and these shadowy but deadly foes swing into action against the journalist. Tom soon falls into a web of intrigue and deceit that threatens his life as well as that of the woman he loves.

Drawing upon his own experiences reporting on the wars in Bosnia and Sarajevo, Martin Fletcher has written a searing love story and a painfully authentic account of a war reporter chasing down the scoop of a lifetime.