#inthegridmusic: 12.11.15

Hi all! Before you read on, I want to remind you that my Twitter username and Instagram name have changed! Good thing is that they are both the same so they won't be hard to forget - @byingridvasquez

Now ...

12.11.15 #SongBlogIV (my song of the day): "All The Above" by Maino

Being that it is Friday I chose this song because it reminds me of the #Brooklyn music scene that I miss and it just be makes you feel good about yourself hahaha .... Maino was inspired to write this after his jail stint. Don't think that has anything to do with the really bad video editing where it's more than obvious they are behind a green screen for a lot of it.

Because Maino is from Brooklyn, I wanted to highlight a few other Brooklyn artists/songs for you:

1. Amy Valschal

Fun fact: She recently got booted off the Voice on the semi-finals round.

2. Matt and Kim

Fun fact: This is one of their most successful singles featured in everything from television commercials to video games.

3. Talib Kweli

Fun fact: He recently collaborated with Northern Irish jazz artist David Lyttle. Check out "The Second Line."

The Music Minute:

- Billboard's Women in Music ceremony: Although it won't air till Dec. 18 on Lifetime (8 p.m/ E.T.), MMissy Elliot's speech is getting some attention.
- 'The Voice' Finalist Jordan Smith First Artist to Replace Himself at No. 1 on Hot Christian Songs.

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