Into the Lion's Den

Yesterday, Congressman Joe Walsh held a small business forum in Schaumburg, IL. It was mostly a crowd of 100 Tea Party Republicans who were unwilling to find any common ground with President Obama. I found Rep. Walsh's refusal to attend the Joint Session of Congress extremely disrespectful to President Obama and I, like most Americans, am fed up with uncompromising partisanship.

With that mentality, I headed into the lion's den and stood up for what I believed in at Rep. Walsh's forum. Americans want Washington to put aside political differences, find common ground, and start producing real economic solutions for the middle class. As the president of a small business, I pointed out areas where Republicans could support the president in his jobs policy. Specifically, I mentioned the extension and reform of unemployment insurance, which puts money into the hands of consumers and increases demand for the products and services small businesses provide. I also pointed out that a payroll tax cut for both employees and employers would not only offer relief for cash-strapped families, but also for small businesses like my own. Most importantly, I said it was time for Rep. Walsh to cooperate with the president to enact these policies right away.

Just listen to what The Republic, a conservative online publication, had to say:

A rare voice of dissent in the auditorium, packed with more than 100 people, was Raja Krishnamoorthi, a Democratic candidate for the 8th District congressional seat. He said he wanted to see more cooperation in Washington because 'we're hurting out here.'

Unfortunately, what I heard there was discouraging, and I was actually booed later on when I called for cooperation in Washington to solve our problems. As many of you know, I have an economic plan that will help boost small businesses so they can create jobs, but I need your help to stand up to Joe Walsh and the Tea Party. (Read my plan under "Renewing Our Economy" here: We must band together as Americans to demand that Congress pass the American Jobs Act right away to produce real job creation for the middle class. It is time to rise above partisanship and put the interests of the American people first. So please, call your representatives in Washington, talk to your neighbors, and do anything else you can to get our message out there. We must bring our message to Republicans in Congress or wherever they may be found, even if it means walking into the lion's den.

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