Intrepid Art Fans Arrested For Visiting Hidden 'Underbelly' Site

Intrepid Art Fans ARRESTED For Visiting Hidden Site

If you're dying to know where the sprawling, hidden street art installation The Underbelly Project is, be careful what you wish for. Cops have begun cracking down on the few intrepid New Yorkers who have discovered the project site.

A forum on Reddit describes how these graffiti aficionados, upon descending into the Underbelly space, were accosted by cops and arrested on site.

In user inordinatelyaverage's words:

Three cops saw us,we were wearing keffiyehs around our faces because of all the dust, and started yelling " GET THE FUCK ON THE GROUND AND DON'T MOVE, THE FIRST PERSON TO MOVE GETS THEIR FUCKING HEADS BLOWN OFF." They take us to the station where all the cops proceed to mock us and call us Al-Quaida and then get sent to Brooklyn Central Holdings where I was questioned by some agency, presumably some type of Homeland Security type, to make sure that we were not a threat. Overall it was a shitty day.

If you love graffiti, abandoned subways and feel like being arrested, the site is alleged located HERE.

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