Intrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs

I only hire intrepreneurs. They fit our high-growth, fast paced environment and they're the only people I like working with. If you're a "I just want a job and a salary and don't want to rock the boat or do anything remotely risky or brave'" person, then it ain't going to work.

Intrepreneurs are entrepreneurs working inside an organization. They think like entrepreneurs in that they're always questioning the status quo and looking for opportunities to grow the business or make life a little better for their customers and fellow team members.

So what makes a great intrepreneur? In my experience great intrepreneurs think like entrepreneurs, but they also actually get on and execute stuff. There's no point having an organization full of people like me, the typical entrepreneur, who's a starter and an ideas person but is pretty useless at execution.

Here are a few tips to encourage your people to be more intrepreneurial:

1. Build A Culture Of "Every Idea Counts":

Have you ever worked for a boss or a company where you were shot down every time you suggested something? That's a sure and fast way to kill innovation. Encourage your people to make suggestions no matter how silly they might seem. I've been in situations where the first idea might sound irrelevant, but after finessing it a little, it's turned into a great one.

2. Let Them In On The Numbers:

Show them your P&Ls -- let them see the expenses for the business and educate them on what it costs to run a business, so they in turn understand how important it is to focus on revenue and sales.

3. Encourage Risk Taking And Mistakes:

Create a space where your people feel comfy to try things, and if they don't work, pat them on the back and say 'Better luck next time. What did you learn this time?' This takes some guts (a lot of business owners are control freaks) but if you can nurture this culture you'll reap the rewards.

Emma Isaacs is the CEO at Business Chicks. You can find this article and lots of other great blog posts on her blog