Introducing April Sheris

Introducing April Sheris
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Please Introduce yourself and tell us about Upland Avenue Productions: I am April Sheris, CEO of Upland Avenue Productions and the Founder of United, a first of its kind app that closes the gap between aspiring authors and the publishing industry. Upland Avenue Productions is a globally recognized literary company focused on supporting the works of literary brands at varying stages of their careers. We identified a growing need with aspiring authors trying to get published and pulled resources to make sure that authors can publish brilliantly and on their own terms. United app is that resource and it is growing daily with vetted industry professionals ready to work with you on your book.What inspired your interest in this area? After working in the publishing sector and heading a leading publishing company for several years, I ran across many aspiring authors looking for insight on ways to self-publish successfully, since getting picked up by a traditional publisher was a longshot. The key areas that most of them yearned for, was editing, marketing and getting connected with the most beneficial trade shows and conferences. I used the connections I gained, personally and professionally, and channeled them into a single resource that would best aid in the production of more 'retail ready' books from self-published authors.What advice would you have for other female entrepreneurs in this space? Being a female entrepreneur in any industry is tough. But even more so for those venturing into tech. I always advise women to find a mentor and be tenacious in their pursuits. Be unshakable. Only you know why you began this journey. And your mentor will help mold you and guide you to your desired destination more efficiently. Having a good mentor and being unshakable in your dreams will take you further than you ever imagined. Especially when you're surrounded by people who just won't "get it".What has been the most pivotal moment of your professional journey and what did it teach you? The most pivotal moment thus far has been hearing supportive words from industry veterans. The United app is new and cuts out the middle man in a pool full of vanity and hybrid publishers. Knowing that many of them see the benefits of the app and acknowledge the room for every resource to propel the literary culture forward is very reassuring. It showed me that support can come in many forms and from many outlets. What is next for you in 2017? The rest of 2017 will see the introduction of our Upland Dinner Series. The dinner brings a room full of writers, book lovers, and industry professionals as we discuss the successes and accomplishments of other notable figures in publishing. We are really looking forward to introducing the dinner in the Fall this year. We are also working to grow the United app in other markets to make sure the app is made available to those authors that need it.How can readers connect with you online? We can be found at The site provides information on all that we are doing for the culture as well as a direct link to learn more about the United app. You can also find or follow us at @uplandavenue on both Facebook and Instagram

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