Introducing fashion illustrator Mats Meyer

Sophisticated and elegant, Mats work never ceases to ooze style.
Sophisticated and elegant, Mats work never ceases to ooze style.

There is a real art to fashion illustration. From the iconic Vogue covers of the 1920s by Georges Lapepe, and the stylised sketches of Paul Iribe to today’s master couture illustrator David Downton, illustrating a moment or a catwalk look takes a sense of quick wit, extraordinary vision and of course - talent. Someone who ticks those three criteria points with aplomb is Mats Meyer, the fashion illustrator and creative consultant who hails from New York.

You may already be familiar with Meyer’s stylish art work (she has 35k followers on Instagram - and counting), but for those of you who don’t let me introduce you. Meyer is one of a handful of fashion illustrators whom the fashion industry just can’t get enough of at the moment, having already produced work for Instyle, Refinery29, WhoWhatWear and And it’s easy to see the appeal. Ink and water colour drawings of super sophisticated women leap out at you on her website, lingerie sketches cleverly concealed with shadows are stunning while her use of mainly monochromatic shades adds a touch of glamour to all her blank canvases. In a world where social media is a crucial part of our everyday lives, Meyer’s Instagram page is just as aesthetically pleasing. With plenty of fresh white spaces and scattered green leaves decorating her fashion illustrations, scrolling down her page is like looking through a finely illustrated coffee table book, albeit a virtual one.

Meyer was born in Belgium but raised in Spain before settling in the Big Apple, one of the four major fashion capitals of the world. New York’s stylish flair is evident in her work. Simple yet elegant, minimal and refined her drawings are a blend of tones and quick, brush strokes which carefully form the bend of an arm or the crease of a dress. You can just imagine her pieces hanging in the living room of an elegant, city socialite as she welcomes guests for evening cocktails who are of course, dressed to the nines.

From Live Illustrations created at PR events and store openings to collaborations with brands and individual commissions, Meyer is a busy lady. She recently created custom drawn sketches for savvy shoppers at Bloomingdales for a special Valentine’s Day event while she also offers creative brand packaging deals, stylish visual art and editorial illustrations as part of her everyday work.

There’s no denying I’m a fan of Mats Meyer’s, having discovered her artistic talents through none other than Instagram! If her work has inspired you, take a look at her website below or follow Mats on Instagram at @matsmeyer_illustrations. See a few of the artists favourite pieces below and a taste of her immaculate social media style.

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