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From voting rights to self-care, HuffPost’s stories put people before power. Support the mission by becoming a member.
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When I joined HuffPost two years ago, I was inspired by a simple question: What would it mean if a news organization put people ― not the powerful ― at the center of its work?

Today, I’m proud of our coverage of the silent housing crisis and voting rights, our expanded coverage of health care and inequality, our investigations of sexual harassment in the workplace, and the unmasking of leaders of online hate movements.

In our Life section, we have turned our focus to the things that actually keep people up at night: how to raise a good kid, how to handle student debt, how to take care of yourself, how to relate to people who are different from you. Because we take the everyday challenges of life as seriously as we take political news.

What unites our coverage is a dedication to what’s real. Because knowing what’s real, and what really matters to you, our audience, is critical at a moment like this.

If you want to support our mission ― beyond reading, watching and sharing our journalism ― you can join HuffPost Plus, our new membership program, which will help us keep reporting the stories that matter most to you.

Our membership program is not a paywall because we believe our journalism should remain freely available to everyone ― not just those who can afford to pay.

We have three levels of membership:

  • Free registration so readers can easily sync their bookmarks and manage newsletters

  • A monthly membership that includes access to members-only newsletters and other features for people who want to help us grow our coverage of important, undercovered issues

  • An annual membership for super fans, which comes with an exclusive, limited-edition “People Before Power” T-shirt

We want to continue to cover the stories that matter, and we will be paying close attention to what our members are reading and viewing ― and to their feedback. So please consider joining us.

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