Introducing Micro Content

There is one law in the media industries today from which all others derive: Attention is the currency of our culture. With attention, you can move markets. Without it, you blip and fade -- at best. Audiences are the busiest people you know and they have zero tolerance for a flat-line entertainment experience. To capture attention, you have to create a moment, a point in time where there is a meaningful connection with an audience, a moment that matters because it moves a group of individuals to laugh, cry, be inspired or feel awe.

And the best way to capture attention in today's crowded media world is through Micro Content, used by storytellers to make moments that matter.

Here's how it works. If you make a piece of media portable, you ensure that it can travel with ease and speed on the path from a solitary user to a collective one. Technology makes this possible. Not only with smartphone mini-studios-on-the-go, giving anyone the power to produce and distribute a moment, but these devices also put theaters in our hands too and these screens are with us wherever we go -- we don't even need a date to watch the feature. We can watch alone and we do; viewing popular media over and over again. As a result, more entertainment than ever is being consumed solo, a pretty lonely scenario making sharing all the more urgent. Pictures from our friend's vacation. Video of a neighbor's new puppy. A short film from a college friend. All portable and all resonant enough to stimulate organic audience-building.

In the old Macro Content world, moments mattered a lot less because they didn't have as much power to earn that social currency. The value was in the whole, getting the masses all at one go. Today it's different; the value to unlock in any media property is its parts, its moments, its Micro Content. Best of all, Micro Content is platform-agnostic, coming from multiple sources but facile enough that it can thread individuals into an audience, giving them a chance to earn currency through the process of sharing.

Welcome to the world of Micro Content, a glue for community and attention. We hope you enjoy the moment! Strive to make it matter more to your audience and it will matter more to your bottom line.