Introducing SCREAMOBILE, A new NYC car rental service

Rough day at work? Forgot to take your antidepressant two days in a row? Accidentally like someone's Instagram photo from 78 weeks ago?

With the thin walls of New York City, we all need a place to scream ourselves hoarse. Sometimes you want to scream into the void without the bulwark of a firm pillow muzzling your wails of unbridled anguish that beg to be released into the abyss. Sometimes you want to yell bloody murder when a yogurt commercial sets you off because you're in the middle of switching medications and not worry about hearing a chorus of brooms being tapped on your floors and walls from all different directions.

Our mission is to bring back that liberating feeling from when you were 17-years-old driving your mom's Kia Soul down the freeway and screaming at the top of your lungs to "My Immortal" by Evanescence without running the risk of a pesky noise complaint from a neighbor WHO OBVIOUSLY HAS NEVER FELT THE INEXHAUSTIBLE FRUSTRATION THAT COMES WITH STILL NOT BEING PAID FOR A FREELANCE GIG YOU COMPLETED TWO MONTHS AGO.

For only $17 an hour, you can rent one of our intensely hued SCREAMOBILES (Mini Coopers painted magenta that are impossible to miss and lets other drivers on the road know to stay the fuck away!) and you'll be free to scream away to your heart's content! We're also excited to include an array of one-of-a-kind features that will make your experience even more enjoyable/insufferable like an already curated playlist including artists like Iggy Pop, Rage Against the Machine, and 47 minutes of someone texting on an iPhone with the keyboard noise turned on. The passenger seat is also just a huge ashtray.

No driver's license? NO PROBLEM!!!! If you feel the need to let it out because you're pissed that we live in a country where we're one bill away from being able to order an assault rifle on Amazon Prime or because your roommate hung the toilet paper roll on the under side again, you can call a car with a driver for just $230 more.

No longer keep your screams pent up anymore, download the SCREAMOBILE app today!