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Introducing The $10 Supplement Celebs Drink For Clearer Skin

Ever notice how celebrities seem to have an otherworldly glow to them? Take Reese here. She’s often seen leaving the gym without a stitch of makeup on―and she looks damn near luminous every time.

Turns out, that crystal-clear complexion comes not from frequent sweat sessions (though it certainly helps) but, we hear, from drinking a few drops of chlorophyll each morning. As in, the very stuff that gives plants their green hue.

In vegetal life, chlorophyll traps sunlight and helps with photosynthesis. (You’re welcome for the mini science refresher.) In human life, it helps to internally cleanse your body and deliver oxygen to the skin so it looks and feels smoother.

To get glowing fast, drop a teaspoon of the stuff into your water whenever you feel dull or clogged. Despite its grassy appearance, it actually tastes minty fresh.


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