Introducing the BryanTALKS Podcast


I finally did it! I've joined the podcast world.

What have I done?

I'm not quite sure yet. I know that my intention was to create a talk and variety show that would have both satirical and actual conversations. Those conversations won't be limited to celebrities, but also to all sorts of people doing cool things in the world.

This first episode is essentially an introduction to me, why I'm doing this and to my best friend and sidekick Eldo Diego. In "Donald Trump Tries To Deport Superman," we really wanted to introduce the listening audience to the show's brand of surreal humor - a sort of sarcastic, weirdness that many of us try and suppress, but still somehow find ourselves attracted to.

The title of this episode is named for the sketch that will probably pull in the most attention; we're days away from the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primaries in the 2016 presidential election. Also, the eagerly anticipated Batman V. Superman will be in theaters in a matter of months - these are two things that fascinate me.

I'm a huge Superman fan, and I'm a big follower of politics - Superman is coming back to the big screen, though not by himself, which I have mixed feelings about (that's another story). Then, of course, you have Donald Trump, who is growing dangerously close to becoming the next leader of the semi-free world.

I just had to throw my hat in the ring and give my brand of surreal commentary on the topic and just how ridiculous this whole thing has gotten and gets to be more and more every day.

This episode, as well as future episodes of BryanTALKS, will predominantly feature music from great underground Indie artists who we believe deserve more exposure. This episode features the music talents of The Blend, and from Lazlo Supreme.

The special guest is one of our nation's finest, Scott Tiano, and his story of how he and some other veterans pulled together with the state of Nevada's cooperation, to build a new National Veterans Memorial near the heart of Las Vegas. The unveiling is this Memorial Day.

Listen to the show here and I hope you enjoy listening to BryanTALKS!