6 Reasons Why You Should Appreciate Introverts

Whatever happened to quality over quantity in our words? Should it be about saying the most or saying what matters?
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If you haven't realized the hard way, it's obvious that our society favors the extroverted personality. Being introverted has always been seen as something that needs to be "fixed."

Yet, whatever happened to quality over quantity in our words? Should it be about saying the most or saying what matters?

Although introverts comprise one third of the overall population,"introverted" isn't exactly advertised as a successful quality or one most people are willing to put on their resume. This often forces many to put on an extroverted personality when at work, school, or with friends.

With the increasing buzz about introverts and the launch of my site, I thought it was about time for an article that publicized the perks of introvertedness.

So, below are six reasons why you should appreciate introverts (extroverts, take notes).

1. Introverts have hidden powers: Just because we introverts don't say much, doesn't always mean we're clueless. While others are busy chatting, introverts observe things most people are oblivious too. Sometimes we can even read people. While it may seem introverts are always zoned out, we're actually analyzing and thinking of creative ideas to one day share with you.

2. Introverts keep the world balanced: In a world that can't stop talking, the ability to listen to what each other has to say, is an important virtue that will assist us in building peaceful relationships of understanding. The truth is, without introverts, extroverted people would have no one to listen to them.

3. Introverts can self-recharge: Though the extrovert may gain their energy through mixing and mingling in crowds, introverts are self-recharging powerhouses. They don't need to constantly put themselves out there to feel energized. Their energy is found through solitude.

In the age of social networking, introverts teach us the importance of self-awareness and getting to know yourself before getting to know others.

4. Introverts make great friends: Yes, introverts are human. Although they tend to stick to a small friend circle, they do value having a close relationship with the few friends they have. Introverts may not make the list for the most fun people to hang out with, but when all the fun is over and you just need someone to listen to you, count on introvert to be there for you.

5. Introverts will one day run the world: In her famous Ted Talk, Susan Cain states that there is actually no flaw in being introverted. Yet, our society down plays the positives of being an introvert due to how successful many have them have turned to be. Introverts have shown the potential to be great leaders. Don't believe me? Check out this article listing the 16 outrageously successful introverts. Never underestimate an introvert, because someday you might end up working for them.

6. Introverts have something important to say: There's nothing more disappointing to an introvert than finally taking advantage of a moment to speak , only to be interrupted by an extrovert. Amidst the noise of chatterboxes, the voices of introverts often get drowned out. While extroverts may speak every thought that comes to mind, an introvert will filter their thoughts and only speak of the ones they think our best to share.

So next time you come across an introvert, let them know you appreciate them. Remember that introverts DO have something to say, all you have to do is be willing to listen.

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