11 Places Every Introvert Should Go In Their Lifetime

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Introvert travelers tend to have little desire for big crowds, buzzy hostels and parties that last until dawn. Their idea of a well-balanced trip may look more like time spent alone on a mountain path or exploring quiet pockets of culture.

Take these 11 trips of a lifetime, for example: From to backwoods to beaches, they happen to be perfect for introverts who want to lace up, bliss out and finally enjoy a vacation from small talk.

Glastonbury, England
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The Glastonbury region's namesake music festival sounds like an introvert's nightmare, so don't visit in June. But the historic town itself is otherwise home to one of the world's first introvert tours, where more crowd-averse folk are given time to recharge between social hangouts and guided explorations of the charming countryside.
Tulum, Mexico
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Even though the word is out about Tulum's picture-perfect beaches, this slice of Caribbean coast somehow manages to feel uncrowded when you visit. Yoga retreats, spas, surf camps and a mellow jungle atmosphere encourage alone time, a pleasant counter to Mexico's wilder party cities.
Camino de Santiago, Spain
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This storied walking path stretches about 500 miles across Northern Spain. You can walk it for just a few days, complete the entire thing in five weeks, or take a few months to explore some of the country's most stunning rural landscapes. You'll meet plenty of fellow "pilgrims" to chat with if you'd like, but it's also completely respectable to go it alone.
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Finnish folk are known for their introversion, so you'll be able to tour Helsinki's parks, museums and monuments without fear of too much unwanted small talk. Ahh.
The Oregon Coast
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There's a reason Oregon repeatedly appears on introvert to-do lists: Its beaches are secluded and stunning, with incredible sunsets and trails for contemplation alone or with a friend.
Flamands Beach, St. Barts
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As one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, this blue-green beauty is the perfect place to post up for a few days of solitude. Visitors agree that its long, flat shore makes Flamands ideal for beach walks, and there are nice hotels nearby for lunch or a fancy stay.
Guy Edwardes via Getty Images
If the solitary calm of Bled isn't enough to get your introvert pulse racing -- Slovenians love this lakeside resort town, but it's by no means overrun -- then perhaps consider Slovenia's vineyard tours, camping spots and stunning fields of wildflowers.
krissanapongw via Getty Images
This rugged natural playground is perfect for solo travelers, as it's relatively easy to get to with a reputation for safety. Iceland's outdoor adventures -- from northern lights to waterfalls -- make it a perfect place to gallivant with new friends or chill out on your own.
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This oft-overlooked paradise comes with national park hikes, relaxing prairie towns and one of the best spas in the country. Bring a fellow introvert along, and bliss out together.
Chiang Mai, Thailand
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This laid-back province is a hit with expats but not too crowded, giving introverts the option to engage in quality conversation or try a silent meditation retreat alone. Either way, Thailand has an essence of contemplation that the inwardly focused will adore.
Paris, France
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In the French lexicon, a flâneur is someone who likes to stroll and idle about the streets without much direction or conversation. In other words, even though there's plenty of people there, the City of Light may just be the prettiest place on Earth to be an introvert. Bon voyage!

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