Intrusion on Women

Washington DC, capital city of the United States. National Capitol building.
Washington DC, capital city of the United States. National Capitol building.

Currently and for some time now, the United States has been involved with the choices that women can make about personal decisions. Then on the other hand, to combat this invasion of privacy, the opponents use the argument of the different treatment between women and men. A better argument for this is by using the first amendment, predominantly the religious and practice section of the amendment.

When does practice of religion began and end? The question boils down to when is it a religious practice and when is it an intrusion of another's rights. This may seem to be a difficult question at first and it may make one deeply ponder on the question. Yet, the question can be simply answered. If one is trying to uphold his or her religion by enforcing his or her beliefs upon another without consent. This would be when it is not a religious practice but an intrusion of others rights because the devotee is enforcing his or her beliefs on another. Therefore, religious practice ends when it makes someone else choose a certain decision that they do not consent too.

Another argument that can be used is by answering the question, "when does government respect a religion?" This also is an easy question that does not involve a lot of thought. If there are no other grounds to support an argument and the only thing to support an argument is some religious argument. This would be respecting a religion, for it is creating laws that enforce a religion. Thus, any law that is based on some religious ground is a violation of the first amendment.

I think it is obvious that the events that are occurring across the United States from matters of abortions to women being denied basic medical coverage, and even denying fundamental rights to members of the LGBT community, is a violation of the first amendment. It is the duty of the people to stand against this blatant ignorance of the first amendment.

In understanding the rights that the Bill of Rights grants each person in the United States is of utter importance. The people cannot be had or tricked to supporting a religious doctrine. The United States is a place where people can be who they are without their privacy being intruded on by some other person.