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Why I Stopped Making My Own Decisions

If something sounds amazing on paper, everything looks right with the numbers, there's good energy with the other person or project, but my intuition says no,. It doesn't matter what my mind has to say about it -- it's a no and that's all there is to it.
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The most powerful change I ever made was to stop making my own decisions.

About two years ago, I gave all decision making power away to another source. After another situation where I spent too much time thinking about the possible options, rationalizing that it made sense on paper and ignoring that nagging voice inside me that said, "this isn't right for you," only to have it all blow up in my face again, I realized it wasn't best for me to be in charge of things. This was happening far too often.

So I made my intuition the CEO of my life.

If something sounds amazing on paper, everything looks right with the numbers, there's good energy with the other person or project, but my intuition says no, it's a no. It doesn't matter what my mind has to say about it -- it's a no and that's all there is to it.

This includes little things like what I want to eat for breakfast or dinner, whether or not I should work out, if a book's worth buying, etc. My intuition has been heavily strengthened over the last few years, but it wasn't until I fully put it in charge of my life that I really started to see how honed it can become. It's never wrong.

Putting your intuition in charge isn't always easy.

When it comes to intuition vs. the mind, it can almost feel like there's two totally different people at play in any decision making situation.

Your intuition says don't go back to school, you mind says it's the only way you'll get a good job. Your intuition says he's not a good guy, don't go out with him, but your mind says he's handsome, charming and has a good job, what could go wrong? Your intuition says you should take a nap and rest, but your mind says you have to work out if you want to fit in those jeans for your date.

How are you supposed to know what to do?

It's easy, intuition, the little voice speaking in simple truths, the gut feeling, is true and wise. Your mind is very smart and rationalizing has its place, but when it comes to making a decision or choice that's best for you, it usually steers you in the wrong direction. By usually I mean more often than not.


How to Put Your Intuition in Charge

1) Understand what intuition really is.

Your intuition lives in your body, not in your mind. It's not the voice chattering away in your head that says, "I want ice cream" or, "don't do that, you should do this." It's the feeling in your body that clues you into what you really want or need.

If you think about a choice, what do you feel in your body? Do you feel tightness, hesitation, resistance, stress or closed off? That's a no. Do you feel open, expansive, excited, energized and enthused? That's a yes.

Additionally, intuition can come in the form of what I like to call Simple Truths. A clear statement in your mind that can neither be confirmed nor denied, but it shakes you to your core because, on a gut level, you know it's true. Simple Truths are things like... This is not the right relationship for me. This isn't working, try something else. You need to leave this job. It's time to move to another city.

2) Establish a high level of trust.

If you've lost touch with your intuition, start small. The next time you're getting ready to to go out, check in with your body. How are you feeling about this night out? Are you feeling tightness and frustration? If so, you should probably stay in. Are you feeling excited, open and energized? If so, you're probably going to have an awesome night.

Before you do anything, check in with your body and make note of how you feel. Then, see how things pan out. If you felt hesitation or resistance, but went anyway and had a horrible time, you now understand one way your intuition tells you no. If you felt expansive and excited, and met the most amazing guy that night, you now understand one way you intuition says heck yes! Just keep making note and getting clearer on how your intuition speaks to you.

3) Pay attention to what you tell yourself.

If you say anything along the lines of, "I think I should..." then you're in your head rationalizing why you should do something, not listening to your intuition. Intuition is a sense of knowing. Your mind works in thoughts and shoulds. If you're thinking anything, you're not listening to your intuition.

When you say, "this doesn't feel right" that means you're truly in tune with your body and intuition on the matter. Anytime you use the word think, that's a big red flag. Take a moment to breathe, close your eyes and really check in with your body.

4) Learn to let go of control.

Your intuition is the wisest force in your life, you have to learn to trust it and let go of the control your mind so desperately needs. Sometimes you're going to get an intuitive hit that feels big and scary with no clear outcome other than it just feels right. Without knowing what will come, it can be easy to fall prey to our minds. Sometimes I say no to things that look amazing on paper, make sense in terms of strategic partnerships or would boost my income, simply because it doesn't feel right. That's a high level of trust and one that I've never regretted.

Take Action Now!

Where are you ignoring your intuition out of fear stemming from what your mind has to say? Or is it that you're not fully connected to it? Start checking in with your intuition on everything and making note of what means yes and what means no.

Share with me a decision you're trying to make and how you feel about it, I'd love to help you better connect with your intuition.

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