Intuition or Ego? 3 Simple Steps to Reach Truth

One of the hardest things we come to learn in life is how to trust our voice, the one that says what's right for you and only you. We are often bombarded by energies and thinking patterns of the world, what is "right" and what is "wrong" and what will bring you happiness and what won't. However, as I mentioned in my last article Honor Your Own Path, what is right for the rest of the world is often not what is right for you. We all have our own path to enlightenment, and all paths are equally valid. Get out from the dogma of society.

When asking questions that are individual to your path, how do you know it's coming from your intuition or your ego? I get asked this a lot.

Well, the truth is sometimes, you just don't. Our mind can play a lot of tricks on us, and I am definitely one to overthink, which ends up putting me into a state of crazy. Ego can never really die, and it's all part of interesting aspects of life. However, here's what I've learned to do so that I can get to a space where my voice speaks in a way I can trust:

  1. Find a way to relax. This can be through burning off some energy by exercising, winding down through massage, breathing outdoors, journaling, napping, walking, or even a glass of wine; Whatever works for you, just get to a place of relaxation. Too many glasses of wine, however, may not work so well, but you know your limit. If you truly cannot relax, then it's likely not time to ask. Plain and simple. If there's no time to relax and you have to give an immediate answer to someone, just go with the best possible answer you can come up with at that moment after weighing it out in your heart and mind and then just go and don't second guess. Easier said than done, but really, once the choice is made there's nothing else to do but go with it.

  • Drop into your center. You can do this by tapping along your chakras (particularly, the sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakras), which centers you in your body. Another way is to simply have the intention to drop your energy into your heart space, and then feel your mind's energy lower into your heart. Your intention is to get into the space of nothingness. In this space you will find truth. A third way is to imagine a room in your heart and you sitting in it. This room is empty, calm, and absolutely no distractions. If you are distracted, you are not in your center.
  • Carefully seek wisdom. Once you get to this space of nothingness, carefully ask your questions. By "carefully" I mean being careful not to awaken the anxious parts of your being, or the parts of you that need an answer right now. Stay in this calm and centered space, and be aware of your judgments of yourself and the situation you are asking about. If you start to lose center, come back and ask later or re-center and try again. If you have never asked or communicated with yourself before, know that you can ask any question in your mind or out loud and see who or what answers back. When you are in this space, and barring any type of negative entities attached to you, you can generally trust it to be Source/Spirit that is speaking back to you.
  • The answers that come to you while you are in this space are much more likely to be from your own intuition, which ultimately is a connection to yourself as well as Source. Your groundedness, centeredness, and ability to stay in the heart space of non-judgment is your connection to Source, or pure Love. When you come from Love you can trust your decisions, own your truth, and move on it.


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