Intuitive Scanning for Health: An Interview with Medical Intuitives

Just as an X-ray machine scans a body in order to gain specific medical details, an intuitive scan works to provide an energetic portrait of the client.
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Intuitive body scanning is a technique that can be used to determine medical or health blockages in people and animals. Medical intuitives, professionals who seek to complement traditional medical procedures with this technique, locate body parts that are blocked or in turmoil in order to expedite the healing process. There are as many different variations of the scanning technique as there are practitioners, but there are some basic approaches that you can try for yourself.

Just as an X-ray machine scans a body in order to gain specific medical details, an intuitive scan works to provide an energetic portrait of the client. The premise is that the physical body has an energy blueprint and so the intuitive scan will look for energy blockages and areas of stress. Good health is, in general, considered to be clear flows of energy between all the chakras and easy, free functioning of all organs and body systems. Because this is an intuitive technique, scans can be done in person or from a distance with equal accuracy.

Of course, none of this is meant to substitute for traditional medical professional consultations and advice.

Basic Technique

The first step is to be relaxed, centered and quiet. Many intuitives close their eyes to perform the scan. Have a clear, open mind. It is important that you free yourself from preconceived notions about the health of the person involved or about what you may or may not see. It is important to be open to all possible sources of information.

The next step is perform a scan using inner vision. There are many techniques for this. One popular technique is start with a blank slate, or blackboard in your inner vision. Then, hold the person's body there and slowly go down the body three times from top to bottom. Another technique is to imagine that you are stepping into the person's body and then scan your own body for sources of stress or blockages. This technique can be highly accurate, but a bit uncomfortable for anyone who is highly empathic, which is the ability to feel what others are feeling and sensing.

Look for knots, dark spots, tension, pain or any area that seems to stand out to you during the scan. Note the spot and then go back and zero in for more detail if you are able. At this point, people who have some medical training can have an advantage because they can sometimes more accurately interpret what organ or system is blocked.

The most difficult part of the scan is staying open to the various types of information that may come to your attention. The information may come kinetically (you sense something), empathically (you feel something), visually via color or symbols or even audibly via sounds or words. Many professional medical intuitives will record what they are sensing from the scan. They might color in a body chart in front of them. Some of them tape their impressions or write down notes of what is coming through.

Once an open scan is done, the client will know more about where the energy is blocked or knotted. Many medical intuitives and alternative healers use this energetic information to develop a holistic plan for healing that can comprise not only physical dimension, but also the mental and emotional as well.


My Interview: Two Nurses Talk about Medical Intuition
Bridging the gap between traditional medicine and alternative medicine.

I interviewed two extremely talented medical intuitives, Sharon and Deb, who also have professional nursing backgrounds and education.

What specific techniques/tools do you use for body scanning?

I use a combination of Silva techniques and some stuff of my own devising. Part of it is to tune into my own physical empathy. Part is to look. Another part -- one I use almost exclusively to scan energy "awakening"-- is to scan the chakras and note blockages of the patterns, color, and see what's open and what's closed. Often, usually, there is a correlation between the energy blocks and the physical problem.

When I casework, I close my eyes and "put the person" on my mental screen. I scan the person from the front from head to toe three times, and then mentally "turn" them on my screen and scan down their back three times. When I come across an area, or areas, that attract my attention, I "zoom" in and take a closer look.

I also use a modification of these techniques when I check the energy status of someone. I use it to check the chakras and whether or not they are open or appear to be blocked. This is useful for not only physical conditions, but also for emotional states.

My favorite is the Helmet technique. You get a name, city, age, and place a "helmet" of their head on your own. It is a quickie way inside their body. From there, I scan. I can see it in light contrast. I can feel the pain inside me, or the anxiety, or whatever.

I can very quickly (I hate feeling their stuff in me) clear it with breath induced energy spurts. When I feel the release, I know they do. I then remove the helmet, give it back to their body, and physically clear the space around me..especially my regain my Self.

I will also use a technique where I hold a major chakra, usually foot, to connect (either in person or from a distance) and send a flow of energy from my hands. I follow it through the body, and find the blocks. I can also work outside the body, using hands to feel the energy flow around the body...feeling where there is excess/lack/whatever. I can do this in person or by distant healing.

I can also do an auric reading which is picking up the change in colors or intensity in a person's aura. I can also run thru the chakras in person, from a distance, using tools such as sound, (free notes), or chakra testing (using kinesiology), or tuning fork.

I can do this in person or in distant healing. Doesn't matter, all the same.

Do you "see" or "feel"?

Yes, both. I see (including third eye) blockages or colors or energy. I feel energy.


What type of information do you get and how do you work with it?

Usually, when I do these scans, I see the person as if I am looking at a black and white movie. I have no idea why this occurs in black and white instead of color. Sometimes colors are evident, but they seem more to be overlaid on black and white rather than "technicolor."

Since I am an empath, I often feel pain, pressure, or discomfort in my own body which corresponds with the area of distress in the individual I'm working on. Often this kicks in without my "working on" the person, and quite often this is felt in encounters in chat programs over the internet. In those cases, I have learned to ask if the person involved is feeling this or that in this or that area. I have learned that if I can help the person to release it, then I get relief right away, so there is an element of selfishness here.

I also at times see symbols which are relevant to the person I'm working on, and which may or may not be interpreted correctly by me. The symbols are always correct, but the interpretation of them may vary.

Most important, in my opinion, is figuring out the source of the block. Releasing it is nice, but it will return if one does not recognize what is causing it,usually emotional or old baggage. Sometimes I can see what that old baggage is; sometimes a whole story/vignette plays out. I hit the "hot spot"and ask them to see what comes up. I may see them being afraid one cold night,or being physically abused, or feel their emotional pain from kids laughing at them (ok..yes..I am looking at a few examples), or seeing them at a funeral in childhood. Sometimes just seeing that, feeling the pain, going thru the tears, and reframing it, can release the physical symptoms all by themselves. Then, most importantly, is to replace that with a "different ending" or adult feelings or choosing to fill it with light or joy or whatever works for them.

Does a nursing background help or hinder your medical intuitive work?

I think it helps. I can make sense of what it is because of my nursing background.

For example, if I feel/see something in the kidney area, I can ask the person kidney questions concerning any pain with urination, any burning, any fever.

In general, nursing helps this sort of work, primarily because of the nurse's training in anatomy and physiology. In other words, the nurse is more likely to recognize which organs and systems are involved in the illness. On the other side of the coin, it may be a bit of a drawback, because of the emphasis on western medicine that nursing training involves. As you know, western medicine is usually the last to accept alternative methods of healing.

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