investFeed Is Changing Cryptocurrency Forever

On the eve of their Token Sale, investFeed is ready to change the way the cryptocurrency world trades, invests and interacts.

Ron Chernesky, CEO of investFeed was able to share some insight as to what both seasoned and entry level investors can expect from their new Social Network Platform for Financial Markets. The CEO says, “We’re looking to open a community to professionals and non-professionals alike. We’re hoping to bring in not just the seasoned veteran traders and investors, but those who are new to the space as well.

Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum or just the word “bubble that comes to mind when you hear the word Cryptocurrency, you’ll often find that many misconceptions come with the topic. Chernesky states that, “The biggest misconception about cryptocurrency is that it’s just a passing trend, which is an emotional reaction to the paradigm shift that’s ultimately taking place. Cryptocurrency is here to stay – and as every minute passes, hundreds of thousands of new users are adopting it.

The CEO also feels that Blockchain Technology is essential in bringing neutrality and balance to the realm of cryptocurrency, stating that “Blockchain technology is extremely important in its mission to establish a greater degree of transparency with transactions, and for its ability to bring democracy back to users. In the future, blockchain technology will utilized for any asset transfer because of its security and emphasis on mass collaboration rather than centralized institutions.

investFeed will be introducing their ICO - Initial Coin Offering - Feed Tokens on July 23rd and Chernesky explains how Feed Tokens will revolutionize the industry, “The FEED token revolutionizes the user experience by incentivizing community contributions, and in turn creates a democratized social media experience. They will also be used for network promotions, advanced trader tools, and an ad-free experience on the platform.” and adds “We are extremely proud and confident in both our team and platform to spearhead this transition and adaptation in the world of investing. We wish to use blockchain technology to bring the world of investing from a Web 2.0 platform to Web 3.0, and this has been no easy task. The strides we’ve been making to achieve this goal have been incredible, and we don’t plan on halting our innovation any time soon.

For those wondering what tools and resources are available for Miners and Traders to take advantage of on the new platform, Chernesky stated,

We hope that the entire investFeed community with social contributions becomes an all-encompassing resource for miners and traders. We want investFeed to be a central hub for the latest crypto news, opinions, and market sentiment. Also, with the use of our FEED token, traders will have the opportunity in the future to use our advanced trader tools that are planned for release. These will include the ability to use technical analysis to screen for trade ideas, the implementation of back-testing of quants-based trading strategies, and advanced portfolio analysis.

When asked about the future of cryptocurrency, Chernesky declared that, “As time goes on, cryptocurrencies are rapidly being adopted on a global scale. investFeed will lead the way by being a central hub for traders and enthusiasts to not only discuss and share ideas, but trade as well.

It appears that investFeed will be the epicenter for the Cryptocurrency world, making it the “One Stop Shop” for all things Cryptocurrency. The CEO confirmed, “That is the plan for investFeed’s future. We want our users to be able to come to investFeed, engage with the community, share their opinions and knowledge, place orders, and manage their portfolio all in one place.

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