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Investment Pioneer Sir John Templeton Talks To Tony Robbins About Success (AUDIO)

Tony Robbins's in-depth interview with Sir John Templeton reveals the important principles behind wealth and success.

Dubbed "one of the greatest investors of all time," Templeton, who passed away two years ago, became a billionaire by pioneering the globally diversified mutual fund. He earned a reputation of respect not only as a great financial mind but also for his generosity and life wisdom.

Templeton established the John Templeton Foundation, a philanthropic organization devoted to exploring the "big questions" of human purpose -- subjects like complexity, evolution, infinity, creativity, forgiveness, love and free will.

He was also a spiritual explorer. A long-time member of the Presbyterian Church, he had a keen interest in metaphysical spirituality, advocating open-mindedness throughout his life.

"There is no disparity. There is no conflict," Templeton said about the connection between finance and spirituality. "Always start out to give more than you get, to give more than is expected of you, to treat the other person more than fairly. And that is the secret to success. The more you help others, the more prosperous you will be personally."