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Bitcoin and Ethereum both are increasing and many are getting on the ICO hype. Which is a scam and which is a real deal? What is worth investing in? What is the most innovating product out there?

In today’s blockchain industry, there have been many impressive ICOs targeting the auto industry/auto related issues. Uservice Blockchain Technology is an innovative project targeting not only one or two sectors of the industry, but rather the entire industry as a whole! The idea of Uservice is very unique. For those who are not so familiar with the project:


Uservice is decentralized and fully transparent blockchain technology based on the Ethereum platform that stores car history on a single platform where all auto industry players are joined for the effective communication. Meaning, banks, dealerships, manufacturers, parts suppliers, car owners, insurance companies, and many other are united on one platform and can communicate amongst themselves while having access to the accurate information. They save time, increase productivity, and reduce the hassle that comes with the documentation and line ups.

Why this project is the future of the auto industry:

Now why this project is the future of the auto industry, you may surprise? If the idea of having a single platform where the history of the car history is stored on and communicated to all industry participants doesn’t sound appealing enough to invest in the project, then this one functionality of the blockchain, from many others, might change your mind.

On Uservice blockchain, token holders will be able to use the tokens on the platform to pay off their credit loans to banks. How does it work? Banks give out credit to the car owners who are registered on the platform, and the end users instead of paying banks with authorization money, they can use their tokens to pay off their loan. When it comes to the value of the token, how can Uservice team be so confident about it?

Tokens are limited:

Since there will be limited tokens issued from the start. The total volume of the industry is $2.7 billion and we will issue 1 billion tokens. And then due to this, there will be shortage in the tokens while the demand will keep increasing. 60% of 1 billion will be available for investors to purchase. Due to the services offered on Uservice platform, such as, ability to pay for the auto service, get a full history of your car. You can pay for the insurance using our UST tokens and with all of these services and more. The demand for the tokens will remain strong, while the quantity of tokens will remain limited. It’s is important to know that the services on the platform will be sold for the tokens with guaranteed minimum price of $1.

What Next?

Note, new tokens will NOT be issued regardless of the demand! Moreover, in 2019, another token will be issued called USX, which will be available for purchase using UST tokens inside the blockchain ecosystem. This token will further be validated as a security of Uservice Company, and in 2020, Uservice Company is planning to perform IPO when USX token holder will be able to become real co-owners of Uservice. The USX token holders will be provided with 20% of share in Uservice Company.

Overall, the future of Uservice looks like a bright one considering their strong team of experts from many industries, including, Evgeny Malkin (a legendary hockey player), Joseph Borg (a legal advisor to WH Partners), William Shor (the managing director of Caspian VC), Vitaly Petrov (Formula 1 racer), and many more.

Potentials of this project can be the global solution to miscommunication and lack of proficiency amongst the industry players, which happen to be few of many issues that industry participants are provoked with.

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