Investors, Policymakers, and a Warning

Investors, Policymakers, and a Warning
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This article is to demonstrate to investors and Americans things that may befall onto their economy. The methods to predicate such a faith was utilizing supply-and-demand as the framework, and assign values to events that have occurred in past and current events. First, the predictive success of using this method in practice will be explored, which will be followed by the main concern. Last, the implications it has on the American economy at the current moment.

The first prediction came with “The Future of Syria” (10/ 21/2015) where it explored the possible outcomes of the future political landscape. The predictions have for the most part came true and needed some adjustments due to new developments in the political landscape, which was explored in the “The Future of Syria II” (02/15/2016). These articles discussed the rise in populism, increase in terrorism abroad, the clashes between different groups, refugee crises, and the damage in Syria. In addition, there were some warning signs in Africa that was explored in “Potential Crises” (01/28/2016). These predications for the majority have beared fruit. These fruits has seen little indication that the trends will cease, but continue onwards.

Yet, the main concern is President Donald Trump and his rolling back of Barack Obama’s policies that have allowed the economy to heal itself for tax-cuts and deregulation. As it was explained in “American Can be Taxing on Taxes” (12/18/2015), the ill conceived notion of taxes and the burden it produces, which has been shown by republicans wanting to increase taxes. Therefore, if the predictions maintain their potency as in TRUMPet a call to fear (07/26/2016)-estimations on Trump's policies before elected directed towards a massive voter based through showing an eerie comprising to the biblical apocalypse, which was an appeal to try to speak in their terms-,or Jurassic Politics (01/10/2017)-predications on a contrast in demands and Trump’s policies. It seems that the American economy may be in for a shock.

Thus, one can assume that there will be a few signs in autumn 2017. Then progressively the signs will get clearer to different private groups, eventually being in the public view by late spring 2018. Yet, these estimations may be off due to lack of access to resources that would improve the predictions. Despite that tidbit, the sign of a weakening economy is approaching, and to not address these signs while maintaining an ideological belief will be detrimental. One warning sign would be the rapid increase value of gold or the increase value in commodities, which indicates difficulties in environmental conditions.

It would be foolish not to pay attention to the economy and the political landscape while investing your money. By blindingly investing into things and focusing on a few indicators, it is sure to jeopardize your money. The economy is all tied together and manifests itself in commodities.

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