Invisible Bird

Strapped intoMy stilts I amThe Great Blue Heron
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Invisible Bird

Strapped into
My stilts I am
The Great Blue Heron
Striding in marsh grass
Or stalking
Along the edge
Of my pond;
Deliberately, and slowly;
Ready to stop,
And, in stopping,
Becoming instantly invisible.

The tallest bird in the grass,
Suddenly vanishing
When he stops.
Was he ever here?

What is like
To be unseen,
By most everybody,
Every day,
Even by those who
Say they love you, and
If they love you, then
Maybe don't see you,
And if they see you, maybe
They can't feel you, or your
Love or Your light, and
They never grok* you
As you are or where you
Are or who
You are,
But they think they do.
So even when they see you
They don't.

*Oxford English Dictionary defines to grok as "to understand intuitively or by empathy".

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