Kony 2012: Invisible Children 'Cover The Night' Campaign Advocates Local Service Projects On 4/20

Kony 2012: 'Cover The Night' Advocates Local Service Projects On 4/20

The "Kony 2012" campaign is urging followers to shift their advocacy efforts from their social networks to real life.

Invisible Children, the creators of the "Kony 2012" -- the most viral video of all time -- have introduced the initiative "Cover the Night." On April 20, the advocacy San Diego-based charity proposes a night of local service events in which people give back to their communities and use the gathering of like-minded people as an entry point to spread the message about the atrocities of LRA rebel leader Joseph Kony. Then, supporters are asked to create awareness in creative ways such as distributing posters or creating murals.

This call to take action comes on the heels of criticism that the movement's followers were "slacktivists," or simply spreading information through a Facebook like, for example, as a way to create change. The movement as a whole has taken a hit as readers have tuned into the next big thing. Time.com points out that the Kony sequel, "Kony 2012 - Beyond Famous" was watched 1.6 million times, compared to the 112 million views the first version received.

Still, Invisible Children seeks to keep up the momentum. Cover the Night follows what the charity calls a week of global advocacy, which sought to embolden its supporters through local service work, letter-writing to lawmakers and conversation to prove "that the future of international justice depends on our mutual respect and collaboration," according to the website.

"We are a new generation of justice made for such a time as this," the narrator of "Beyond Famous" says. "because our liberty is bound together across the world and across the street."

Check out what people are planning worldwide for #CoverTheNight on Twitter in the slideshow below.

And let us know why you are or aren't planning to take part in Cover The Night in the comments below!

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