Invoking Your Attraction Field

When we change our energy fields, we change our lives. Our radiance attracts the miraculous by harmonizing with our heart's vibrations. Our thoughts and feelings projected into our energy fields create our realities.
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"When the prayer become the vibration of the soul, mind, and self we can create a miracle." -- Yogi Bhajan

When we change our energy fields, we change our lives. Our radiance attracts the miraculous by harmonizing with our heart's vibrations. Our thoughts and feelings projected into our energy fields create our realities.

Our task is to clear away our blocks, limitations, wounds and fears by allowing the extremely accessible light and love of the universe to heal our subtle bodies. Our work is to actively learn to choose love over fear while projecting that mindset into our subtle bodies and inviting the divine to facilitate the miraculous. Healing our limiting beliefs is essential and must be integrated with healing our energy blocks with breath, flow and deep prayer for co-creation to blossom.

God's love is the power that sustains us, and God's love is the gift that opens the field of all possibilities in complete illumination. This is the power of grace and radiance. A flower grows from a seed which is nurtured and nourished, not from forcing its way out of the earth.

We are constantly sending messages out to the universe through our vibrational energy, and when we are clear, steady and magnetic, the universe responds with the same frequency. We are like tuning forks that emit frequencies that are responded to with a mirror of sound. What we send out always comes back to us. This is the law of the vibrational frequency of energy.

I remember tuning the older radio stations when riding in the front seat of my father's big silver Cadillac. When the reception was clear and the antenna was working properly, the music had a vibration of clarity that touched my heart. Yet, when the little line got caught between stations, the static became a distraction... even when my favorite song was playing; I was blocked from being able to absorb the sound current.

Have you ever desired something so much that you pushed so hard to make it happen, and then watched it showed up in someone else's life instead of yours? Have you ever felt like your mind was failing you because it was so stuck in fear? The law of attraction reminding you that thoughts create your realities so you must choose love in order to manifest your desires? Then feeling like a failure because you are completely stuck and paralyzed in fear?

I have.

We can't change our minds without changing our energetic patterns first.

Seven years ago I was practicing the power of focused intention in my life while assuming I had the secret code to making dreams a reality. Yet it was the most devastating time in my life. I had a miscarriage during my father's funeral, and suffered the loss of my precious father as well as the baby who I thought was supposed to take all my pain away. I decided to change my thoughts from fear thoughts to love thoughts, and I did this with an intense determination. It was like planning for a marathon. "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can" became my mantra. I was going to conceive again and make everything in my life ok again. I would prove that I could change my thought patterns.

I was a mess emotionally and energetically from the loss of my father and my previous pregnancy, but I was determined that I could fix it by simply setting the intention in my mind to have a baby again. I was so one pointedly determined that it never even occurred to me that my vibrational scale was at an all time low, and that emotionally I was more depressed than I had ever been in my life.

Guess what? It worked. But, guess what? God showed me who was really in charge. God showed me that I still had a deep amount of healing to receive before I was ready. With the power of intention and manifestation through thoughts, I did get pregnant as I had planned. The problem was that I never allowed myself to heal the wounds that were congesting my vibrational frequency and radiant body. I lost the pregnancy a few weeks later. I felt that God knew me but did not care about me. I was beyond devastated. I felt my body was failing me and I had lost the race. My frequency bottomed out, and I could hardly get out of bed. It was the worst time in my life. I felt as though a part of me died, and the part that was alive hurt so much that I just wanted to numb it in any possible way I could. Nothing inspirational worked. I could not even pray, and for me that was a signal that I needed help.

I am forever grateful for the people; angels, friends, family members and beautiful strangers who used their love to lift me out of the dark cave I was spiraling into.

What I learned over time, without a doubt, is that God is the doer and we are the vessels. We can co-create to the extent that we can surrender. I grew and learned tremendously through my experience, and in the past five years, I have seen so many miracles happen. I learned the hard way, but the challenge transformed me. Words do not explain the power of God's love. What we put out to the universe is mirrored back to us through the love of the divine. When we give to others the very thing we want for ourselves, the universe responds with an overflow of blessings. When we activate the attitude of gratitude, we attract even more to be thankful for. When we heal our energetic vibrations, the universe sees that we are ready to receive the gifts that have been waiting for us all along.

We have everything we need already. But our light can be hidden inside the earth, like the flower seed, waiting to be nurtured. We need to clear our radiance, so our souls can shine through. We may just need a bit of energetic tuning. Sometimes it is as simple as turning on a switch and vamping up our electrical currents, and other times it is plugging into the divine flow that is so very accessible to us all. Other times, we are asked to breathe and rest assured that we are loved beyond measure. Clearing the energetic blocks is the first step... always. Once the canvas is clear, we become magnetic beings that shine light and receive an illumination that expands in all directions.

We are living in a profound time of acceleration and manifestation. Each of us has a vibrational power that is longing to be invoked so our magnetism and radiance can beam out to the world with the clarity of our soul. We are being called to invoke healing in our limiting energetic patterns, because the world needs our love. The time is now. God bless you forever, and thank you for reading this note. Trust that you are in the right space to hear this message. Our angels are speaking to us every single day, including through these words today. It is time for vibrational transformation... and wow... just wait... the sky will open up in ways you may have never imagined possible.

Light shines on everyone... it doesn't make choices... let go of the barriers... let go... and allow the miracles that have been waiting for you all along to find you again as you surrender back into love...

Always through the heart with my love to you,

Karena Virginia

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