I/O: A Documentary About the World of Electronic Music

Electronic music has long since been a debated genre of music. For those who live within its pulsating, body-moving lifestyle, it is an important aspect of the counter-culture experience. The way in which it affects the human body and emotion is a deeper and more complex connection than many might think. The way in which the electronic music community has been depicted in film and media only shows a tiny percentile of its vast universe.

Kevan McGovern plans to change the conception of electronic music and its community by creating his passion project, I/O, or Input/Output. He is a seasoned documentary filmmaker from Vancouver, BC with over a decade of experience in the fields of directing, cinematography and post production. Having created 19 short documentaries, numerous music videos and one web series to date, I/O marks his first feature length film.

The rave scene is often the largest scene exhibited in documentaries about electronic music and while it is an integral part of the genre and its history, it is not the whole story. McGovern's upcoming documentary will not only tell the whole story but through the perspectives of those who truly believe in its magic. I/O will be an examination of electronic music and its role in cultural anthropology. Having recently shot and released a short-film documentary about his favorite music festival called The Shambhala Experience, McGovern has undoubtedly captured an underrepresented community who deserve to be seen in a new light.

This documentary has been five years in the making as McGovern has poured all of his blood, sweat, tears and dollars into this project. For the final costs of post-production, he has turned to Kickstarter to help him finish the project, as many artistic entrepreneurs often do. I/O will be an eye-opening experience for those who know little about this community and an affirmation for those who are apart of this community that we are being properly represented.