Ioana Spangenberg's Waist Is A Mere 20 Inches (VIDEO)

We've seen enough Photoshop Fails to be skeptical of a model's teeny, sculpted waist.

Which is why we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the waistline of Ioana Spangenberg, whom the Sun has dubbed "the human hourglass."

Spangenberg, 30, boasts a 20-inch waist, or as the Sun put it, "only five inches bigger than a CD." Featuring the Romanian model and her unbelievable body in a weekend story, the British tabloid writes that Ioana actually struggled to cope with her unconventional figure as a teenager, when her waist measured a mere 15 inches.

With 32-inch hips contrasting her 20-inch middle, Ioana cuts an extreme figure. But apparently she's turned an idiosyncrasy into a career in modeling.

We can't say we've seen Ioana in any major campaigns or cover shoots, but her figure is now out there for all to see. She reminds us a bit of Ethel Granger, who had the smallest waist in (recorded) history at 13 inches. But Ethel didn't come by it naturally, whereas Ioana is quoted as saying that her size is all-natural -- no corsets (or eating disorders) required.

While we're happy Ioana has come to terms with her own figure, we hope young girls don't look to bodies like hers as an attainable goal.

Check out photos of Spangenberg at and see a video shoot of Spangenberg below.