Incredible 'Iodine Clock' Reaction Happens Just This Fast (VIDEO)

Do you want to see something totally amazing while also managing to get your learn on in the process? Then stop whatever else you're doing this very instant and click play on this video that demonstrates chemistry made seriously cool!

The video was posted online by brusspup, who has created a variety of astounding and educational works like this in the past, and who writes about his latest:

There are no editing tricks in the video. All of the reactions that you see are uncut and play at the original speed.

This is a classic chemical reaction. It's called the iodine clock reaction. There are several variations of how this chemical reaction can be performed using different chemicals than the ones I used in the video. You can order clock reaction kits from several science related websites. You can also use simple store bought chemicals like vitamin C, iodine, hydrogen peroxide and starch. A quick internet search will turn up multiple ways of performing the experiment.

Even though I've played around with the clock reaction experiment before I've always wanted to capture the reaction as the liquid was being poured. To me, this is the most stunning way of demonstrating the reaction.

To check out more work like this, be sure to visit brusspup's YouTube page.



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