<i>Oh My God</i>: Divinity (God)

False divinity is believed in, hoped for and submitted to and is generally orchestrated by organized religious institutions that perpetuate the mystical, magical and mysterious myths.
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For the past few weeks, HuffPost has hosted an array of respondents -- including spiritual leaders, world leaders, personalities and celebrities -- who are asked to fill in the blank to the statement: God is...

The series has led up to and accompanies the November 13 opening of the upcoming documentary Oh My God?


True Divinity represents the impersonalized Grand Organized Design of the universe -- the intelligently governed, general universal order, hidden from the awareness of most people's ordinary sensory experiences. True Divinity is cosmologically omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent and forsakes no one or no thing, no where, at no time. True Divinity is expressed through the dynamic equilibrium of complementary opposites and is only humanly "empyreanced" through the synthesis and synchronicity of complementary opposite emotions or in moments of True Divine Gratitude and Love. True Divinity transforms through apparent, yet simultaneously entangled, constructions and destructions or beautiful remodeling of the universal design all according to naturally conserving universal laws.

True Divinity provokes awe and further holy curiosity in those who have awakened to this magnificent universal design. True Divinity ever evolves human consciousness to a subtle state of radiance and grace. True Divinity, when known, evokes inspiration, and the feelings of gratitude and love in the heart and certainty and presence in the mind. True Divinity is wisely understood through the heart and mind of the masters. True Divinity is ever present before, during and after mortal, physical expression. True divinity is inwardly known by those who have probed the cosmological mysteries and come to understand the implicate order, elegance and beauty inherent throughout nature.

False divinity represents the personalized, anthropomorphically projected image or icon of an idolized god that supports, protects and saves ignorant people from that which oppresses them or challenges their highest personal values. False divinity "juvenilizes" people by keeping them addicted to delusions of peace without war, support without challenge, kind without cruel, happy without sad, ease without disease.

False divinity is sought and sensed by the masses in moments of perceived torture, turmoil and trauma or in moments of perceived anxiety, oppression or constraint. False divinity revolves human consciousness in cycles of illusion and delusion until individually or collectively people awaken to the presence of True Divinity. False divinity is believed in, hoped for and submitted to and is generally orchestrated by organized religious institutions that perpetuate the mystical, magical and mysterious myths. The more fantasias that are incorporated into the institution governing false divinity the more they spread like wildfire to the many and the more they invoke identified pride and humility.

False divinity, when addicted to, evokes redundant elations and depressions, fears and guilt and perceptions of gains and losses. False divinity is foolishly misunderstood through the emotionalizing senses of the masses. False divinity is worshipped and rampant among those fundamentalists who see only one side of life's balanced two-sided coin.

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Dr. John Demartini is the Founder and CEO of the Demartini Institute. He is currently featured in the documentary OH MY GOD?

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