iOS 5 vs. iOS 4: What's New With Apple's Latest Mobile Software? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Alongside details about the new iCloud system and OS X Lion features, Steve Jobs and company unveiled the new iOS 5 mobile operating system today at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California.

iOS 5 sports many flashy upgrades from the previous iOS 4 release, which Apple unveiled in June 2010. The Apple team highlighted 10 of iOS's biggest new features, including Twitter integration and over-the-air upgrades.

Check out the infographic (below), detailing key upgrades, to see what's different between last year's iOS 4 and the new iOS 5, which will be available sometime in the fall of 2011. Then, view our WWDC 2011 keynote wrap-up slideshow for a fast look at Apple's biggest announcements on Monday.


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