No, iOS 7 Does <em>Not</em> Make Your iPhone Waterproof

NO, iOS 7 Does Not Make Your iPhone Waterproof

It pains us to report that there are people who actually believe a simple software update will magically make their aluminum and glass iPhone waterproof.

But that appears to be the case. As The Independent first reported, a pretty convincing fake iPhone ad recently surfaced that promised just that for Apple's new mobile operating system. The ad said that iOS 7 is able to "instantly detect sudden changes in thermo-distribution with the touch sensitive screen and home button." It even went as far as to indicate that the update included a emergency "smart-switch" that would turn off the phone's power if it came in contact with water.

It is unclear where the ad originated, but it didn't take long for people to start posting it on social media sites hoping to prank their friends:

iOS 7 makes your iPhone waterproof - here is what apples official website said

— Abdullah (@UnofficialAk) September 22, 2013

iOS7 is waterproof! Put your iPhone in the sink and try it out :) such a cool new feature

— Mathias (@britneyspeans) September 24, 2013

Sadly, some people actually fell for it, ruining their phone in the process. Just check out this Vine:

Some people have also taken to Twitter, expressing their outrage at whoever made the ad in the first place. (Language in tweets NSFW)

The truth is that Apple's newest devices, the 5S and the 5C, which launched alongside iOS 7, may actually be more fragile that previous models.

Although falling for the fake may be a tragedy for the phone's owner, others believe that these prank victims deserve no sympathy at all:

In all honesty, I think if you believe a new software update will make your iPhone 'waterproof' then you deserve to have it ruined.

— Shan (@Shanwan_kanobe) September 23, 2013

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