Iowa Governor Says She'll Support Trump If He's GOP Nominee Despite 'Disloyal' Diss

The former president claimed he "saved" Kim Reynolds -- who has endorsed Ron DeSantis in the 2024 race -- during her 2022 gubernatorial campaign.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) said she’ll back Donald Trump if he becomes the 2024 Republican presidential nominee, despite the former president launching insults at her over the weekend.

Reynolds joined a list of Republicans who have said they’re open to supporting Trump in spite of insults the former president has thrown their way.

She told Fox NewsNeil Cavuto on Monday that she’s “made it clear” she’ll back the party’s eventual nominee.

“I’m a Republican and, you know, all of the candidates running are gonna be better than what we have,” she said in an interview prior to the start of the Iowa caucuses.

“Even after all the stuff he’s said about you?” Cavuto asked.

“Yeah, well because, you know, we’ve got to win,” Reynolds replied.

One day earlier, Trump, the GOP front-runner, had deemed Reynolds the “least popular governor” in the country over her endorsement of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the 2024 race.

“I just thought it was very disloyal,” Trump told an Iowa rally on Sunday.

He went on to claim that he “came in” and “saved her” with his endorsement of Reynolds during her 2022 gubernatorial campaign.

Trump also ripped the Iowa governor in November in a Truth Social post, predicting the “end of her political career” if she endorsed DeSantis.

Reynolds, on Monday, told Cavuto that she believes DeSantis will be the nominee.

“But if it were Trump and [President Joe] Biden, you, the governor of Iowa, a very popular governor —” Cavuto said.

“I’m on record saying that [I would support Trump], and consistently saying that,” Reynolds said. “I’m a Republican. And we need to not — we need to make sure that we don’t reelect President Biden another four years.”

Trump overwhelmingly won the Iowa caucuses late Monday.

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