'Iowa Nice': Scott Siepker Corrects Stereotypes About Caucus State (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Iowa Nice'? Not Exactly

(Warning, some NSFW language.)

The great state of Iowa has been getting plenty of attention lately, culminating in the first GOP caucus in the state today. Part of that coverage has been emphasizing the polite and conservative nature of the Midwestern state's denizens. But TV host Scott Siepker wants to set the record straight once and for all.

To many across the country, Iowa certainly has a reputation as a haven for simple farmers and rural workers. But as Siepker points out with no small amount of bombastic swagger, the state is more forward-thinking than many give it credit for. From going to Obama in 2008, legalizing gay marriage in 2009 to constantly fostering revolutionary agricultural methods, Iowa isn't exactly the conservative epicenter it may appear to be in the news.

If you want to watch the "clean" version of "Iowa Nice," click here. But we don't recommend it.

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